The Chinese University of Hong Kong

MyCUHK is a one-stop online platform where alumni can update personal contact details, submit service applications and register for University’s alumni events. Through the platform, alumni can access campus news and a wide range of online services through the following tabs of the portal:

MyPage - Inquire /update personal information, change password, apply for/update alumni free forwarding email address and register for University activities, etc. You may personalize both content and layout of this page.

News and Events - Updates on the University’s news and events, information of upcoming activities and reading the alumni e-newsletter

Library - Access to library catalogue and library records etc. (The Library password can be stored in MyCUHK to enable quick access to “My Library” and “My Library Record” without logging in again).

Useful Links - Information on around 120 alumni organizations, alumni benefits and useful links to colleges and units of the University.

Alumni can also enjoy a free lifetime email forwarding address "", a status symbol exclusive to CU graduates.

You can select a designated name as the alias to "" at MyCUHK. This unique email address will remain your permanent address to all incoming emails from designated email account. No more hassle of having to notify change of email address.

The "" email address is yours for life, and it is permanently free.