The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The “CUHK Alumni Book Series”(「中大人」文集系列)is a volunteer production of charity publications by offshore alumni groups.  Proceeds from the sales will go to the “Xiao Bian Dan Operation”(小扁擔勵學行動)overseen by the CUHK Federation of Alumni Associations’ Education Foundation to promote basic education in rural China.

To date, published works include:

  • Our New York Experience - Voices from the CUHK Alumni(中大人在紐約)
  • The CUHK Alumni in San Francisco Bay Area(中大人在舊金山)
  • Under the Rockies - Life Stories of CUHK Alumni in Calgary(洛磯山下--卡城「中大人」)
  • Along the Shores of Lake Ontario - CUHK Alumni in Toronto(安大略湖畔--中大人在多倫多)
  • CUHK Alumni in Southern California(中大人在南加州)
  • Cherry Blossom Memories - CUHK Alumni in Japan(櫻花緣--中大人在日本)
  • The Life of CUHK Alumni in Melbourne(中大人在墨爾本)
  • The CUHK Alumni in Vancouver(中大人在溫哥華)
  • Life Stories of CUHK Alumni in Calgary
  • CUHK Alumni in the East Coast of USA(中大人在美東)
  • CUHK Alumni in Northern California – Life by the Bay(中大人在北加州--金門歲月)
  • The CUHK Alumni in Sydney(中大人在悉尼)
  • CUHK Alumni in Australia & New Zealand(中大人在澳紐)
  • CUHK Alumni in Singapore(獅城心影錄--中大人在新加坡)
  • CUHK Alumni in China(神州中大人)
  • CUHK Alumni in Europe and Africa(歐洲非洲中大人)