The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Alumni associations are organized by groups of alumni with common study background or interest in promoting fellowship among members and supporting the development of the University. The University and the Alumni Affairs Office welcome and encourage the setting up of new alumni associations by alumni groups. If you have formed, or are thinking of forming an alumni group, please email us so we can help you.

Suggest steps

  1. Set up a core group
    A core group of at least 4 members will be necessary to start up the executive/ organizing committee or to facilitate the establishment of such a committee. These individuals may eventually take up key posts in the executive committee, such as Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, etc. An audience threshold should be met before starting up a new alumni association (e.g. for departmental alumni associations there shall be no fewer than 100 graduates)

  2. Inform Alumni Affairs Office
    Inform the Office of the intention of the association's establishment for advice on the incorporation format.

  3. Furnish a constitution
    Furnish a constitution for the association. Associations could be registered as a limited company under the Companies Ordinance (Companies Registry: or as a society under the Societies Ordinance (Hong Kong Police's Societies Office, Tel: 2860 3573; Fax: 2180 9135; Email: The preparatory committee shall prepare the constitution according to the corresponding registration requirements.

  4. Registration
    Provide the list of its executive committee and its constitution or M&A to Alumni Affairs Office for review.


  1. Helping you contact other alumni
    The Alumni Affairs Office maintains the alumni database of the University. We can help you invite potential members to your new alumni association inaugural event.
  2. Publicity via Alumni Affairs Office
    All alumni associations can publicize their events and latest updates via various channels by Alumni Affairs Office, such as “CU Alumni” quarterly magazine, monthly e-newsletter “Alumni Matters”, and “CU Global Activities for Alumni” online information platform.
  3. Our web-site serving as a information center
    Our web-site links up with all homepages of the local and overseas alumni associations for reference of alumni.


  1. How should a new alumni body register with the University?
    Prior to its formal establishment, a prospective alumni association/body is required to submit i) a Constitution and ii) a provisional / preparatory committee list to the Alumni Affairs Office. Evaluation and registration procedures will be done through the Alumni Affairs Office. The alumni association/body approved for establishment will be included in the official list of CUHK alumni associations.

  2. Which kind of registration is better for local alumni associations: incorporate under the Companies Ordinance or register under the Societies Ordinance?
    Most local alumni associations are either incorporated as limited companies under the Companies Ordinance of the HK Government or registered as societies under the Societies Ordinance. The pros and cons of these two kinds of registration are:

    Incorporation under the Companies Ordinance Registration under the Societies Ordinance
    Pros Cons Pros Cons
    1.Separate legal entity
    2.Limited liability of members
    3.Memorandum and articles of association as an operational guide for the association
    1.Relatively complicated
    2.Higher costs
    1.Simple procedures
    2.Lower costs
    1.No separate legal status
    2.Personal liability
    3.Unlimited liability
    4.Lack of ready-made operational procedures to follow