The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Alumni Fund was established in 1993 by a Fund-Raising Committee formed by a number of alumni to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the University.

The purpose of the Alumni Fund is to support areas of programmes which are meaningful to the University community, but not already included under the Government's grant items. These include:

Student Activities: To enrich the outlook and exposure of students such as participation, locally or abroad, in extra-curricular academic, cultural and sport programmes, including international student exchange, inter-university debate and sport activities.
Campus Enhancement Projects: To improve campus physical facilities so as to enhance the environment of the University.
Alumni Affairs Development: To finance the Alumni Affairs Office, which will enable the office to further expand the level of its communications and services.

The Committee had entrusted the fund to the Standing Committee CUHK Convocation in 1993 to continuously allocate the fund in support of the above student programmes, campus enhancement, and alumni works in the University.

The Chinese University has to count on the continuous support of its alumni to achieve its vision and mission. And we sincerely hope that more contributions from our fellow alumni could be added to the fund, which will be used to support worthwhile programmes in the University.

If you would like to make a gift, Please make your donation online / download the donation form. For more information, please Contact Us.