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Resumption of Operation of ‘Automated Vehicle Access Control System (AVACS)’ (With Effect from 0600 hours on 15 July 2020 (Wed))

During the past few months, the AVACS installed at the three vehicle entrances of CUHK campus (Main Gate, Chung Chi Gate & East Gate) have been suspended to facilitate the replacement of gate booths and drop bars by phases.

Upon completion of the initial phase of replacement project, while the campus access control measures are still in force, the AVACS will resume operation with effect from 0600 hours on 15 July 2020 (Wed).  The drop bars, traffic lights, RFID devices and Octopus / CULink / parking coupon readers will operate fully as before.

All vehicles (including those with University’s parking labels and visitor categories) have to enter / exit the campus with RFID / CULink / Octopus as appropriate and follow the traffic light signals working together with the automatic drop bars.  Parking fees charging by Octopus, the use of parking coupons and granting of alumni credit card’s parking benefit will resume.

Further temporary suspension of AVACS, if needed, will be notified by display of notices at the entrances.