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【Start Up Talk】Empowering Frontier Technology Entrepreneurship

Name of Activity : 【Start Up Talk】Empowering Frontier Technology Entrepreneurship
Unit: ZhenFund x CUHK PI Centre
Location: Hong Kong
Venue: Choh-Ming Li Basic Medical Sciences Bldg G18, CUHK
Date: 2023-09-13 - 2023-09-13
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Start Up TalkEmpowering Frontier Technology Entrepreneurship

Date: Sept 13, 2023 (Wed)

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Venue: Choh-Ming Li Basic Medical Sciences Bldg G18, CUHK

Language: Mandarin

Format: Face-to-Face



Mr. Victor WANG, Co-founder, Zhen Fund


Prior to ZhenFund, Victor co-founded New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), the largest provider of private education in China. Victor is not only a respected entrepreneur, but also a renowned enthusiast and collector of ancient Western books, and a well-known humanities scholar. He has authored and translated influential works such as "Reading Reconstructs Me," "A Bookworm's Summer in Oxford," and "The Private Papers of a Bankrupt Bookseller." Victor is now an executive council member of the Centre for China & Globalization (CCG), a leading Chinese independent think tank based in Beijing. He is also a donor of the Future Science Prize. In 2015, Victor was honored as a Foundation Fellow at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University.


Dr. Xiaoyong SHEN, Co-founder & CEO, SmartMore Co. Ltd.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Computer Vision and Computer Graphics, CUHK  (2016)


Dr. Xiaoyong Shen, Co-founder and CEO of SmartMore Co. Ltd., has more than 10 years’ expertise in computer vision. He received PhD degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and founded SmartMore Co. Ltd. with his PhD supervisor Prof. Jiaya Jia. Prior to founding SmartMore Co. Ltd.. Dr. Shen worked in various research institutes like Tencent Youtu Lab, Huawei, Microsoft and Google. His ground-breaking achievements include but not limited to multi-modal image processing, image and video understanding, and 3D point cloud analysis. SmartMore Co., Ltd is a fast-growing high-tech unicorn company specialized in providing comprehensive products & solutions for smart manufacturing and digital innovation, which combines five leading capabilities of "optical", "machine", "electrical", "arithmetic" and "software". After more than 20 years of technology accumulation, combined with unique business thinking, SmartMore Co. Ltd. continues to build a more scalable and intelligent industry and digital innovation platform, promoting the exploration of intelligent upgrading and digital transformation of industrial manufacturing.


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