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In anticipation of the completion of road works for two-way traffic on No. 2 Bridge within the next few days, two-way traffic on the bridge will be resumed with effect from 1200 hrs on 28 Jun (Wed).  While vehicles will be allowed to go through No. 2 Bridge from both directions, all drivers are urged to pay extra attention to the traffic situation on the bridge particularly when school buses, coaches and heavy duty trucks are coming from the opposite direction. 

To minimize the impact on campus traffic due to non-CUHK vehicles using the campus as a short-cut between Tai Po Road and Science Park Road, along with the re-opening of two-way traffic on No. 2 Bridge, the existing ‘first 30-minute’s grace period of free parking’ will only apply to :

 (i) vehicles entering and exiting the campus via Tai Po Road (i.e. enter at Main Gate and exit at Main Gate/Chung Chi Gate; or enter at Chung Chi Gate and exit at Main Gate/Chung Chi Gate); and

 (ii) vehicles entering and exiting the campus via Science Park Road (i.e. enter at East Gate and exit at East Gate).  

Vehicles entering the campus via Tai Po Road (Main Gate/Chung Chi Gate) and exiting via Science Park Road (East Gate), or vice versa, will not be entitled to the ‘30-minute’s grace period ’ and will be charged at the standard hourly rate of $20.

For enquiry, please contact the CUHK Security Office at 3943-7999.