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Glocalization Series: The “Global Yijing” Lecture Series (i) Yijing Studies in the 20th Century China: A Retrospect and Prospect

Name of Activity (Chinese): Glocalization Series: The “Global Yijing” Lecture Series (i) Yijing Studies in the 20th Century China: A Retrospect and Prospect
Unit: The BBA Alumni Association of the Faculty of Business Administration of the CUHK
Location: Hong Kong
Venue: Diamond Room of CUHK Business School Town Centre OR via Zoom Map
Date: 2020-08-06 - 2020-08-06
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The “Global Yijing” lecture series are delivered by four professors from local universities, Professor Dennis K. H. Cheng, Professor Tze-ki Hon, Professor John T. P. Lai and Professor Waiming Ng who are leading scholars in the studies of Yijing. The series situate the Yijing studies of East Asia (particularly their religious implications) in the broad context of the global circulation of texts and ideas. To achieve this goal, this series include two parts. First, it will demonstrate how these cross-cultural dialogues shaped the interpretation of the classic within and outside China. Second, it will focus on the transnational networks of connectivity that make the Yijing a common text among countries in the region and the globe. The intended outcome is to radically transform the image of the Yijjing from a Chinese classic into a world classic that has cultural and philosophical relevance around the world, ultimately to enrich the study of global humanities.Don't miss the chance to meet Professor Cheung in learning the past, present and the future of China-US Relations!

We are honored to invite Professor Dennis K. H. Cheng, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong, to be our guest speaker for the first lecture. The first lecture will retrospectively situates the study of Yijing in a broader historical background in China dominated by Darwinism, Positivism and the “yigu” (doubting antiquity) thoughts to reexamine the paradigm of Yijing studies in the 20th century China by deconstructing the major arguments declared by Gu Jiegang and his contemporary. It is high time for us to rethink our knowledge on this ancient classic, the methodology and its way forward. Don’t miss the chance to learn about Professor Cheng’s sharing!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the seminar may change to webinar. We would update the latest arrangement as soon as possible.



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